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3 Weeks running!!

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“Every now and then a band pours out of my speakers as I sit and listen to all the music that has been submitted to the show that week. That I just instantly love. The kind of band that is just objectively good, do you know what I mean there is no discussion in my mind, there is no kinda umming and ahhing. I just hear and immediately think to myself well thats just brilliant. That exact experience happened this week when I first heard the next band I’m going to play you from Chelmsford they’re called See You In Reno and I tell you what I think you going like every bit as much as I do. This is a song called “check” and from the first F**King vocal it’s brilliant. Everything about it is brilliant.”

Single ‘Check’ Plays

“See what I mean, Objectively good. Brand new to the show tonight that is a band called See You In Reno and I tell you what you’re going to be hearing a lot more of those guys in the coming weeks and months and however long it takes them to get signed to a major, right here on this show.”