Est. October 2006

See You In Reno are as rough as they are smooth, as dirty as they are clean, and as nasty as they are nice. Forget the rock n’ roll lifestyle; hard drugs and strip joints have been replaced with tea and the odd bit of FIFA 98, but that’s where the cleanliness ends.

As soon as they flick the switches on their amps and click open the high hats the atmosphere takes a different turn.

Our latest e.p ‘ Mirrors ‘ was released on the 30th April 2021

Adam Midas Rich – Tobias Franklin Sexton – Iain Scott Walker – Nathan Berner

Looking to find our jams and influences? Try this collection of playlists


Alex Baker – Kerrang Radio 

“Every now and then a band pours out of my speakers as I sit and listen to all the music that has been submitted to the show that week. That I just instantly love. The kind of band that is just objectively good, do you know what I mean there is no discussion in my mind, there is no kinda umming and ahhing. I just hear and immediately think to myself well thats just brilliant. That exact experience happened this week when I first heard the next band I’m going to play you from Chelmsford they’re called See You In Reno and I tell you what I think you going like every bit as much as I do. This is a song called “check” and from the first F**King vocal it’s brilliant. Everything about it is brilliant.”

Single ‘Check’ Plays

“See what I mean, Objectively good. Brand new to the show tonight that is a band called See You In Reno and I tell you what you’re going to be hearing a lot more of those guys in the coming weeks and months and however long it takes them to get signed to a major, right here on this show.”


New Kids on the Essex block See You In Reno, have come out of the traps strongly on their debut E.P, ‘Masks’. Lead single ‘Check’ showcases influences from At The Drive In and Glassjaw to great effect, with crunching riffs and throaty yells the name of the game.

Listen With Monger

This forthcoming single from these Chelmsford boys starts with a swift punch to the windpipe and an unblinking, point blank stare….which reminds of a blind date I was once on but that’s another story for another time. See You In Reno are an angry bunch but they’re channelling it in to some fierce and melodically complex music that, like ‘Catch’, will be right up the street of At The Drive-In fans and aficionados of early Biffy Clyro material. If you like your bands intense, moody, dedicated and in a disturbing array clothing that looks like it should belong to a group of serial killing train spotters then See You In Reno may just be your new favourite band. If you like your bands bland and inoffensive but with a latent sense of passive aggressiveness then you’re probably better off sticking with Westlife.   

Ike Productions

In the first instance, Chelmsford’s See You In Reno initially display a sound seemingly blended together by remnants of Rise Against as well as Glassjaw – which was enough to convince me that there may be more to them than meets the eye. Noticeable by their sound, the vocals on the new song ‘Check’ retain that aforementioned strained tonal quality and range from harsh and vibrant to soft and mellow throughout the song – telling yours truly that the vocalist has excessive depth. The overall song structure is odd, and almost bears resemblance to material circa Foo Fighters, with a post-rock tone in places. See You In Reno place more of an emphasis on rhythm from the guitars, and the drums are technically complementing of this style. There are periods of melodic lead work which is still good, and the song ends on a high note (not literally) by retaining some pace laden with a seriously nice mixture of drum patterns. The video for ‘Check’, however, at this point, is very disturbing. Human hearts on chessboards. You heard me right.

Josh Lyford ‘Foxfires / Four Years Strong’

Dark and atmospheric, See You in Reno’s new EP makes the listener feel like they could very well be chatting up spirits on their way through a gloomy cemetery. The music cuts through the fog and with rising and falling intensity, you can’t help but keep listening. There is a ton of potential shown in these few tracks.

Surfaced Unsigned

See You In Reno are a militant kind of hardcore band, the vocals are a mixture of throaty screams 
and a more subdued but none the less very loud singing style.
What I like about See You In Reno is that their music has not been compromised, 
it would be easy for a band to change its style to match the popular tastes, but S.Y.I.R 
remain obstinate and continue to ram their music down the throats of anyone willing to listen.